Making Memories During Holidays

Holidays can be a stressful time for couples and families.  Negative patterns of interaction can multiply as almost all communication becomes focused on the tasks of the holiday.  Frequently feelings are hurt in the mix and there are long periods of negative emotions and energy.

Turn your relationships around during the holidays by implementing these tips for making memories!

1)  Be present.  Take time to check in with your self.  Are you fully aware of your immediate environment?  What do you see, hear, taste, smell and touch?  Try to refocus any thoughts of the past or future back to the present.

2) Turn off or remove devices and television.  Focus on the people in front of you.  Ask open ended questions and help them tell stories about what is going on in their world.  Share a brief story about what is going on in yours.

3)  Give those speaking to you full body attention.  Turn toward them.  Look at their face when they are spooking.  Listen as if you might be tested later and ask questions that help them tell their story.

4)  Make time for just the two of you.  Take a walk.  Go for a drive.  Enjoy a cup of coffee away from everyone else.  Take a one hour date and talk about anything but logistics, home management, shopping lists, schedules, etc.

5) Take lots of pictures.  Set the objects up well.  Make sure that you take pictures of just the two of you as well as those with other family members.

6) Pray together.  Take a few moments every day to hear your spouse pray and pray with them.

7) Be thankful for all the positive things about your spouse.  Write a note.  Make a list of what you appreciate about your spouse.   Share at least one of them with her.

May your holidays be filled with memory making activities and peace!

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