Husbands, You Are Invited (special post from Roy)

Since my earliest days in dating relationships, I have always wanted to know what God says about being a husband. I read most of the Christian men’s books and attended many weekends where I gathered information about how to be a better man. I was a part of the earlier years of the Promise Keeper’s movement and have enjoyed the culture of Mens Fraternity.

I knew what God wanted me to do as a man. I could recite scriptures and lead study groups. But there always seemed to be a disconnect between what I knew and what I did. I was not the husband Devra deserved. I would sometimes say things that hurt her and I struggled with understanding why. What I really wanted was a life together forever but I sometimes did things that was not building, in fact was hurting me building what I really wanted in my marriage.

My brother-in-law invited to experience the Christian mens weekend called The Crucible Project. It was weekend like no other. Instead of just learning new information, I was given experiences that helped me understand what was working and not working in my life as a man. I was able to have a “Jacob-like experience wrestling with God”.

I knew I was saved. I knew God loved me and that I would be in heaven. But I rarely felt His incredible grace. On the weekend, I was able to know not only in my head but feel in my heart the love and grace of God.

Since then I am living healthier. I am building the kind of world and the kind of marriage relationship of my deepest heart’s desires.

I want to invite you to experience what I experienced. Join me on one of the upcoming Crucible Project weekends and “Feel The Heat, Face The Fire, and Find Your Gold!

  • Mar 20-22, 2015 
Williams Bay, WI
  • April 24-26, 2015
 Spring, TX
  • May 29-31, 2015
 Williams Bay, WI
  • Jun 5-7, 2015 
Lenorah, TX
  • Jul 24-26, 2015
 Spring, TX
  • Aug 14-16, 2015
 Charles, IL
  • Aug 28-30, 2015
 Como, CO
  • Oct 23-25, 2015
 Lake Brownwood, TX
  • Oct 30-Nov 1, 2015
 Como, CO
  • Nov 6-8, 2015
 Williams Bay, WI
  • Nov 13-18, 2015 
Spring, TX

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