Why Marriage Is So Important

Marriage is vitally important to individuals, families, churches and society.

Research reveals a long list of benefits of being in a healthy marriage.

  • Married couples have greater sexual satisfaction than singles or cohabitating couples.
  • Married couples have better mental and physical health.
  • Married couples volunteer more.
  • Married couples make more money and have more financial assets than non-married couples.
  • Married couples live longer.

It does not surprise us that when couples live the way God intended, He blesses them. Any other way to do relationships will not be blessed by God.

If a husband and wife are one flesh, how can they divorce? Divorce would be a bloody amputation, would it not? “What God has brought together, let no man separate.”

But marriage is so important for another reason as well. Marriage is the basic cell-block upon which society functions best.

A healthy marriage is the best place to raise children. Children being raised by both parents in a healthy marriage are:

  • More likely to reach academic potential.
  • Less likely to have behavioral problems.
  • Less likely to be obese.
  • Less likely to be abused.
  • Less likely to abuse alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
  • Less likely to be involved with juvenile justice.
  • Less likely to become a teen parent.
  • More likely to graduate and go to college.
  • Less likely to become violent or go to prison.

“The only institution that works is the family.” Lee Lacocca

Healthy families are the building blocks of strong communities. According to one study, “no matter which way you look at it, through the lens of income, savings or poverty, marriage is the great engine of our economy, with every household either a building block that contributes or takes away, millions of times over (Patrick Fagan).”

Our churches need to be a place where all are welcomed with grace. The healthier the families, the stronger the church. The strongest building block in any church is a healthy family, and the most crucial link in any family is the marriage bond.

Churches and our society must invest in policies, programs and services that promote and encourage healthy marriages. It needs to start well before adolescence. Couples need to know that the “permanence” marriage offers is key to a life lived well. They need to know that there are other options besides staying stuck in an unhealthy marriage and divorce. They need to know that couples in distress who work hard can create the healthy marriage they really want.

Why do you think healthy marriages are so important to our children, society and churches?

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