Making Technology Work For Your Marriage

We have heard the negative horrors of modern technology as each new cultural shift has taken place. We remember the days when “Pong” was the first video game and Atari was the only gaming system you could buy. All phones had cords and almost every family shared the same phone number. Wow, how times have changed!

We tend to believe that technology is not the negative thing. It is just the tool that can be used for good and evil. We hear from couples how much more they want their spouse to turn off their device and give them full body attention. And we hear from couples in a mess where technology has been used in infidelity and every sound of a new message is a pain trigger for the offended spouse.

‘What has been, that will be; what has been done, that will be done. Nothing is new under the sun; the future only repeats the past.’ Ecclesiastes 1:9

Believing that technology is neither good, nor bad, but can be used for whatever means the holder wishes, we decided to share our favorite uses of technology for improving marriages. We hope you will love our list!

  1. Make Your Devices/Apps “Very Married”. All your devices, including your workspace devices, should have pictures of you and your spouse and family. Anyone looking over your shoulder should know that you are attached. All social media sites should have your spouse and marital status prominent. Content on your newsfeed should be reflective of a “very married, totally unavailable” person.
  2. Message and Call.   When you think about it, and when you schedule it, and any time, reach out with a note of appreciation or quick connection like, “thinking about you”. Don’t use messages to try to talk through emotionally charged conversations. Wait until you can meet face to face or have a phone call.
  3. Google Hangouts/Facetime. Especially when you are traveling or away for long periods, utilize your video options on your device. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.
  4. The Love Dare. Use this app to unilaterally take action that will draw your heart toward your spouse.
  5. 5 Love Languages App. Use this app to find your love language and to search through tips to communicate your love in your spouse’s love language.
  6. Focus on the Family’s Marriage App. Use this app with a long list of podcasts when you are working out or looking for marriage advice while commuting.
  7. Twoignite App. Use this app to spice up your love life. This app helps couples have fun together and enjoy God’s design for marriage.
  8. Couple App. Use this app to keep a journal of your relationship. Message, send pics, etc. only between the two of you. The app also has room for listing your prayer requests and bucket lists!

We always love to hear from your readers. What apps would you recommend be added to our list? How do you and your spouse use technology to keep your marriage strong?

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