What Is A Christian Marriage Anyway?

Marriage is an institution set up by God for how to live life.

God built us to do life best when we do it in a committed lifelong relationship.

He told husbands to love wives as Jesus loved the church. Husbands should be servant leaders to their wives and be willing to unselfishly give to their wives. They are to trust their wives.   They are to value their wives more than any thing else in the world.

Husbands should honor and cherish their wives and hold them in the highest regard. Husbands are to not think of their bodies as their own, but as their wives’. When unsure about what to do, husbands are told to love first. They are to engage them in an understanding way.

Husbands are to never present their wives in a way that is not honoring, but instead are to present her blameless and without fault.

He told wives to respect their husbands and have a yielding spirit toward them.   Wives should be pure in their conduct and have a gentle and quiet spirit.   When worried about their husband, they should be in prayer and live lives that honor God.

Wives should do their husbands good all the days of their lives. Wives are to think of their bodies as their won, but as their husbands’. They should work more intently on their beauty of character rather than their physical appearance.

Husbands and wives are to honor the marriage and keep their wedding vows. They are not to be quarrelsome and argumentative, but rather pursue love. They should try to outdo each other in loving and respecting their spouse.   They should continuously forgive each other.

God gave husbands and wives the gift of sex. As the two agree, they are permitted sexually to grow together.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment to one person where love and forgiveness flourish and two people become one. It is an interdependent relationship where each spouse rediscovers and falls back in love many times. It is the opportunity to finish life in a deeper relationship than any other.   It is having someone know your weaknesses and still love you. It is too people loving each other through their imperfections and humanity.

A marriage that has God as the center of it will be a testimonial of faith in God. The marriage is a representation of the love Jesus has for His church and the church has for Jesus.

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