How To Make America Great Again!

There is quite a but of chatter in the political world about the phrase, “make America great again.” No matter what your political perspective or the proposed policies, you have to admit the phrase is intriguing.

We were speaking at St. Timothy’s Anglican Church Retreat recently on The Christian Family and decided that, although we are not running for office, we have a plan to make America great again!

‘Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.’ Psalm 127:1

The Formula for Making America Great Again

  1. God-Centered Marriages. God designed the family. In the first story in Genesis, we see that He designed within each husband and wife a God-sized hole that only He can fill, as well as a need to connect with another. He wants us to have a close and intimate relationship with Him and our spouse. Our marriages need to be less “self-centered” and more “God-centered”. It is interesting that in today’s society where about 50% of all marriages end in divorce that less than 1% of couples who regularly pray together ever divorce.
  2. Marriage-Prioritized Families. God placed the awesome responsibility in the hands of parents. He intends for children to be raised by their mother and their father. The last thirty years of research is clear: children have the best outcomes when they are raised in a healthy relationship by their two parents. The problem is that too many families are “kid-centric.” What that means is that every thing, their budget, schedule, time, energy, is focused on the children. A decade into parenting and spouses are worn out and lonely in their own marriages. What good is it if your child has great manners, achieves well academically, performs well in their extra-curriculars, etc, but suffers through the pains of your divorce. The most important things you can give your kids is for them to see you loving God and loving their other parent!
  3. Strong Families Make Great Churches, Communities, Societies and Nations! In the landmark publication, Strong Families Prosperous States, the authors reveal, “We find that states with a higher number of families headed by married parents enjoy significantly higher levels of economic growth, greater economic mobility, higher median family income, and less child poverty than states with more families headed by single and cohabiting parents.” The status of family health impacts everything in our society from the economy to social welfare roles, the amount of crime and prison populations, high school completion, and poverty. Families are the basic building block of every church and community. The healthier the family, the stronger the community.

What You Can Do To Make America Great Again

Politicians are telling you to vote, bring others to vote, and keep sending them donations. They tell you that when you do that they will make America great again. We believe you do not have to wait on anyone else. You don’t have send in a donation. And while it is good to vote, it will likely not have that huge of an impact in making our nation great again.

If you want to make our nation great again, love God, make your marriage healthy, and raise your kids together in a marriage-prioritized family.

Make Marriage Work With This Spouse

Did you know that over 70% of first time marriages actually stay together? Less than 50% of second-time marriages make it, and just over 30% of third-time marriages make it. Every time you end a marriage, it lessens your chance to have the marriage you really want.

You do not have to choose between being stuck in a bad marriage or getting a divorce. There is a third option. Get help and make your marriage healthy again. Talk to your minister. Find a Christian counselor or coach. Connect with a veteran couple of marriage whom you respect. Do something today to make your marriage healthy again!

What do you have to say?

We love to hear from readers.  Have you ever heard of “God-centric” marriages before? How important is it to your marriage for you to have a relationship with God? Have you noticed how “kid-centric” families are today?  What do you think about the idea of having the marriage prioritized over the children?  What do you think about the idea that the strong families are the building block to our churches, communities and society?  Do you agree that the most important thing you can do this political season is to love God, make your marriage healthy, and raise your kids together in a marriage-prioritized family?

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