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Kim called to see if her and her husband would benefit from a Marriage Intensive. She seemed to be at the end of her rope. “Marriage is so complicated. I don’t know if Matt and I will ever be able to work it all out.”

After working with thousands of couples over the last twenty-five years, we believe spouses too often complicate marriage. One of the most powerful and effective thing a couple can do is simplify their marriage.

‘One pretends he is wealthy but has nothing, while another seems to be poor but has great wealth. The rich are targeted and must ransom their lives, but no one bothers to threaten the poor. The light of the right-living brings joy as it burns brightly; the lamp of a wrongdoer will be snuffed out. Arrogance only produces arguments, but wisdom accompanies those well advised. Money earned hastily is easily lost, but hard-earned money continues to grow. Hope postponed grieves the heart; but when a dream comes true, life is full and sweet. The one who hates good counsel will reap failure and ruin, but the one who reveres God’s instruction will be rewarded. Wise instruction is a spring yielding a satisfied life; those who follow it avoid the traps that lead to death. Good sense brings blessing, but the road of the treacherous is long and rough. A clever person acquires knowledge and then acts on it; but a fool advertises his folly for all to see. An untrustworthy messenger stirs up trouble, but a faithful emissary is curative balm.’ Proverbs 13:7-17 (VOICE)

Complicating Marriage

You may be complicating your marriage if you engage in one or more of the following items.

  • You hoard. You keep track of all the wrongs of your spouse like a referee at an Olympic event. The slate may be wiped clean but the “slo mo video” is always around in your mind if anything needs to be reviewed.
  • You duplicate. You never know when you might need a back up spouse if this marriage goes wrong. You hang on to people you once dated or good people you think might make a great spouse for you some day.
  • You hide. You are not truthful with your spouse about what you need and assume they should know it.
  • You save it. You store up financial resources that you keep hidden from your spouse just in case you ever need it.
  • You assume. Instead of curiously asking, you assume that you know why your spouse did or did not do whatever it is that upset you.
  • You add. When you feel disconnected, you add things, relationships, activities, commitments, etc. to your life.
  • You collect. You add your imperfections in your self to a large pile of shame that reminds you of just how horrible of a person you are.

Simplifying your marriage can have huge results. You will find that your relationship is stronger. You will feel better about your marriage and your future. Your spouse will seem like they are treating you better. You will feel better about yourself and discover how beautiful and wonderful a person you truly are.

Simplify Your Marriage

You will simplify your marriage by having a strong belief in the very basic foundation of marriage. You simplify your marriage by changing what you believe about yourself and your marriage. Here are the core simple marriage truths that result in an uncluttered, minimized and uncomplicated marriage.

  1. You love God and God loves you! God thinks you are so valuable that He gave His Son for your freedom. In your heart of hearts, you love God, the source of all love. He put you and your spouse together. You committed to God in your vows. Live out your love of God. Talk with God and listen to what God has said in His Word.
  2. You love your spouse. You love your spouse imperfectly. Accept your imperfections and recommit to loving your spouse better with every day. Live out your love of your spouse with the most motivation you can muster. Love your spouse with all of your heart.
  3. Your spouse loves you. Your spouse loves you and shows their love imperfectly. You are lovable even in your imperfections. Forgive yourself and your spouse. Allow and accept your spouse’s love.

When you engage these simple marriage truths, you will come to find that you have no reason to keep lists of wrongs, back up plans, hidden secrets, and piles of shame around any longer. You can discard of them making room for joy, peace, comfort and love.

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