Date Night Conversation Starters

Have you ever gone on a date that ended up being a meeting about the kids, money problems, in-laws, work, chores, etc.?

Next time you go on a date, pull up this article on your smart phone and take the conversation in a totally different direction. Take turns answering the questions first. There are no wrong answers. Make it a night of discovery!

‘Most of all, love each other steadily and unselfishly, because love makes up for many faults.’ I Peter 4:8

Rediscover your spouse and all the reasons you truly love them. Enjoy humor and discussion about things that have no emotional negativity. Take your date night to a whole other level!

Conversation Starters (adapted from Love Talk Starters by Les and Leslie Parrott)

  1. If money were no object, what is your dream vacation? Where would you go? How would you travel? How long would you stay? What would you do?
  2. If you were your spouse’s publicist, what would you want the media to know about them? On what show would you want to see them as a guest?
  3. What was your favoriate book as a child and why? What does it say about your personality?
  4. If you were required to spend $100,000 to build an add on room onto your current living space, what kind of room would you build and why?
  5. What is the most difficult challenge you faced before you met your spouse, and how would it have been different facing it together?
  6. What is the most romantic movie you have ever seen and why? What does it reveal about your romantic side?
  7. If your roles as husband and wife were switched, how would life be easier and harder for you?
  8. If you as a couple could have dinner with any other couple in history, whom would you choose and why?
  9. If you could not longer live in the USA, what country would you most like to live in and why?
  10. If your spouse were to win an Oscar, for what role would it be?
  11. What is one thing that used to bother you that now has appreciate because it is a part of who your spouse is?
  12. If you could relive the best day in your marriage, what day would that be?
  13. When are you most likely to feel deeply connected to your spouse and why?
  14. If your marriage had a page on the internet, what would it be called and what would it have on it?
  15. How does your spouse help you restore your energy?
  16. What one thing would you like to do more of to strengthen your marriage?
  17. How does your spouse make your laugh?
  18. Of all your spouse’s accomplishments, what are you most proud of and why?
  19. What was your childhood’s favorite gift and why?
  20. What is the way you feel most loved by your spouse?
  21. What item in your home represents a favorite marriage memory?
  22. What is your favorite way of being greeted by your spouse at the end of the day?
  23. What one quality of your spouse you would most like to be more like?
  24. In what ways are you and your spouse’s personalities most alike that contributes to your relationship?
  25. What quality do you most admire in your spouse’s parents?
  26. What was the most helpful advice you ever received in your life and why?
  27. Out of the qualities listed in I Corinthians 13, which one are you best at?
  28. Which of your wedding gifts do you still have that is most precious to you?
  29. What is the funniest memory you have as a couple?
  30. What do you miss about your dating days together? How can you add that back into your marriage?
  31. What is your favorite love song?
  32. What compliment do you most like to hear from your spouse?
  33. When do you feel most celebrated by your spouse?
  34. What would you like to be doing together in the next five to ten years?
  35. What does you spouse do that makes you feel most relaxed?
  36. What is your favorite fall tradition?
  37. What has your spouse done that has helped you become the person you want to be?
  38. What about your marriage are you most often thankful for?
  39. How does your marriage draw you closer to God?
  40. How does the house you grew up in compare to your spouses’s?
  41. If you had an hour of uninterrupted time to share with your spouse, how would you spend it?
  42. What is one thing you would like to do to improve communication with your spouse?
  43. What does you spouse do that builds stronger trust?
  44. In what ways is your marriage similar or different from your parents?
  45. What helps you cool off and calm down in the middle of a conflict?
  46. If the phone rang and it was God calling to check in, what would you say and why?
  47. What dream would you hope to accomplish together by your 50th anniversary?
  48. What would be the ideal wedding anniversary celebration?
  49. What would be the perfect way for your spouse to wake you up in the morning?
  50. How would you describe your grandparents marriages?
  51. When and where do you most like to be touched by your spouse and why?
  52. What experience from your honeymoon do you most love to remember?
  53. If you were given $1,000 that could only be spent on a Saturday, what would you do together?
  54. When do you most feel valued by your spouse?
  55. What is one of the best Christmases together?
  56. What benefits are your receiving in your marriage that you would not be receiving if you had remained single?
  57. What do you most feel appreciated for by your spouse?
  58. If you were President and First Lady, how do you think you would run the country differently?
  59. What does you spouse do that makes you feel the most loved?
  60. What do you do that demonstrates your love and appreciation toward your spouse?
  61. What is one of the ways you show your support of your spouse?
  62. What is one of your emotional needs right now and how could your spouse meet it?
  63. Name a time when you made a mistake and your spouse showed your grace.
  64. What frightens you that you have never told your spouse about?
  65. What is your top priority for this next week and how can your spouse support you in it?
  66. What would be the perfect sexual encounter between you and your spouse? Who would initiate it, where would it take place, and what would you be wearing?
  67. What word picture would you use to describe your marriage to an older child?
  68. If you were to be remembered for a piece of artwork, what would it be about and where would it be displayed?
  69. If you were a pastor about to preach a sermon on marriage, what would your topic be?
  70. What important life lesson have you learned from your spouse?
  71. How would your marriage be different if you had been raised by your spouse’s parents?
  72. What is the most unselfish thing that your spouse has ever done for you?
  73. What is your spouse most gifted at?
  74. If you could over hear a couple touring your home, what comments do you think they would make about you and your family?
  75. What act of kindness have you enjoyed from your spouse?
  76. What would your ideal meal be?
  77. What is your favorite TV character from your childhood and what does it say about your personality?
  78. What is the one thing in the past twelve months you have been most proud of?
  79. What is the thing you can do that will almost always get a laugh out of your spouse?
  80. What is your favorite desert and why?
  81. If a detective dusted your spouse for your fingerprints from the last week, where all would he find your prints?
  82. If God was to give an eleventh commandment to you and your spouse, what would it be and why?
  83. If you had any performer sing at your next birthday party, whom would it be and what song would you have them sing?
  84. Outside of your wedding, what is your favorite picture of the two of you?
  85. What comforting things does you spouse do for you?
  86. What can you learn about how to handle stress better from your spouse?
  87. What is a potential recreational or hobby activity that you and your spouse could both try for the first time ever?
  88. What would be the hardest item in your life right now to go without for a week?
  89. What is your favorite way to spend quality time together?
  90. What is one thing you most appreciate that you have learned about life from your spouse?
  91. What are your spouse’s top three personal strengths?
  92. If you were to carry a small object in your pocket to remind you of your spouse all day, what would it be?
  93. If you could pick any chore to never do again, what would you chose?
  94. How do you feel about scheduling passionate evenings on your calendar?
  95. What makes your marriage unique? What makes you as a couple special?
  96. What activity would you like to do together to strengthen your marriage in the next month?
  97. If your spouse could read your mind for one minute every day, what would you want them to hear most?
  98. What movie title describes your sex life best?
  99. What do you predict is going to be your spouse’s legacy?
  100. What are some of your most special moments together as a couple and why?

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