Not Telling The Truth Is Ruining Your Marriage

How does a spouse go from “until death do us part” to engaging in an affair?

What moves someone from a life together forever commitment to I need what I need right now?

How can a spouse risk the loss of spouse and children for a few moments of pleasure?

Chips In Integrity

We recently got a chip in the front window of our vehicle. If you have ever had anything like that happen to you, you know what happens. A small chip seems like no big deal. You can still see clearly around it, and in fact you may not notice it unless you are looking for it.

Left untended, it begins to splinter and crack. It looks like a glass web as its effect spreads farther and wider. If you had forgotten in, you will certainly begin to notice its affect now.

With the spreading chip, the window still works. You can see around the crack. Everyone behind the window is still safe.

Left untended, it broadens. The very integrity of the front window glass becomes compromised. You and everyone in your vehicle’s safety, and life, become at risk.

Untended Lies Spread And Put You And Your Marriage At Risk

Small chips in honesty and truthfulness left untended over time will lead to the break down of integrity in your marriage and put you, your spouse and your children at risk.

Every integrity gap in your relationship, no matter how small or seemingly unnoticeable, is another chip in your marriage.

Every time you hide something from your spouse you are beginning of the disintegration of your marital integrity.

Every deceitful communication or action puts your marriage at greater risk of failure.

Tending To The Integrity Chip In Your Marriage

The way to repair a lie is to own it and have a courageous conversation with your spouse about it. It takes courage because of the following.

  • It will cost you.
  • It is not easy to do.
  • It will cause you pain.
  • It very well may cause your spouse pain.
‘So own up to your sins to one another and pray for one another. In the end, you may be healed.’ James 5:16 (VOICE)

Owning your integrity gap is the only way to tend to the chip.

  • You will feel relief to not have to carry the lie anymore.
  • It is the way that light and healing arrives in your relationship.
  • It is the only way to take the power away from the lie you are hiding and to begin to live in your power again.

How To Tend To Your Chipped Integrity

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