What Every Dad Needs To Know About Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Dad’s everywhere this week will be working on how to make this Mother’s Day wonderful for their wives.

‘Into the home of the childless wife, He sends children who are, for her, a cause of happiness beyond measure.’ Psalm 113:9 (VOICE)

There is no Mother’s Day Manual For Dads. Most new and young dads make rookie mistakes. Those of us who have been married a few decades have figured out how to get through Mother’s Day without having major snafus. Here are some easy tips to help set you up for success with this year’s Mother’s Day.

Making Mother’s Day Successful

Your Wife Before Your Mom – Putting your wife, the mother of your children, before your mom is very important on Mother’s Day. You can still call your mom, but consider sending cards or gifts to her before Mother’s Day so you can focus exclusively on your wife.

Speak Her Love Language – She will receive love best on Mother’s Day if it is spoken in her language. If you don’t know her love language, you can probably figure it out by reading this article. Once you figure it out, help the children speak Mother’s Day in that language.

Give Her A Break – You and the children are responsible for all her regular chores on Mother’s Day. Everything from waking and dressing the children to cooking, cleaning and making the bed. If there is a weekly chore that she usually does on Sunday, just telling her not to do it means she’ll have to do it later. Instead do it for her. There should be no mention of any chore to her any part of the day.

Mommy “Me” Time – You might think Moms want to spend time with their children on mothers day. That is usually only true on the first Mother’s Day and not true again until they are in their mid teens. Give Mom a break and let her have some “Me” time with some of her girlfriends doing something she loves.

Always Honor Her – Every Mother’s Day requires you to honor her. If she doesn’t like gifts or cards, you need to hand write a note or card honoring all she does as a mother. Thank her for being the best mother your children could ever have.

Reassess The Chore List – One of the big gifts Dads can give their wife is to reassess the chore list and bring balance to the family chores. So many Moms are overwhelmed on a weekly basis and struggle to find the balance between taking care of themselves and being the Mom and wife they want to be. Take note of all she does and find a way to pick up more of the ongoing responsibilities for parenting and home management. It will be a constant reminder of your love for her.

Gifts Can Be Tricky 

Subtle Hints – has she recently talked about oohed and aahhed about or taken you shopping to show you something she’d really love to have or do? Take the hint and check your budget to see what the possibilities are to get it for her.

Ask Her Entourage. You know who her confidants are. Ask her sister, mother or best friend for any advice. Anything they tell you would be secondary to what she is actually saying to you so be careful to take it as a suggestion, not an order.

“Don’t Buy Me Anything” – Usually when she makes such a declaration, it is about the budget. Make sure you do something but keep the budget in mind.

  • Picture & Frame – A family picture in a nice frame is a nice inexpensive gift. If you can make the frame with some descriptive words about her from the children along the frame, that will mean so much to her.
  • Homemade Crafts – Almost anything that you can help the children make for their Mom will be greatly appreciated.
  • Jar Full Of Love – You and the children could make a list of all the reasons why you love her, type and cut them up into individual words or phrases and put them in a jar for her to read over the year.
  • Homemade Card – You can make a huge card with a poster board folded in half. Have the children draw on the card and then you all write inside.
  • Coupons – Give her an envelope full of coupons with commitments from the children and you for hugs, time together, chores she usually does, “Mommy Me” time away from the family, etc.
  • Hand Picked Flowers – Take the children around town looking for flowers and pick a few here and there for a homemade bouquet of locally grown flowers.

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